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By TrickMyMind | November 16th, 2020

Improve Your Life

There is a simple process that makes creating a lifelong habit ridiculously easy and can be used to achieve any goal you have.  It does take a little bit of patience, but is proven to get around psychological barriers that occur when it comes to change.  By adopting the 5 step process below, you can methodically change your life for the better.

Process Steps

Step 1: Select an area of your life to improve.

Step 2: Think of repeatable actions that will help you to improve in that area.

Step 3: Break down each action into its smallest form...a mini-action.  A mini-action is something that is extremely easy to do, and can usually be done within 15-30 seconds.

Step 4: Regularly perform each mini-action.  The more frequent, the better.

Step 5: As your mini-action becomes habitual, you can periodically increase the amount that you do.  You will know you have formed a habit when you no longer need a reminder, and it is automatic.  As a general rule of thumb, it takes about 63 occurrences to form a habit.

-- Repeat for each area of your life that you want to improve --

So, why does this work?

We humans are highly resistant to change.  However, if the change is BOTH small and easy to do, then the resistance barrier is reduced to virtually zero.  And then, by repeating the change periodically, it becomes a habit, and our natural instincts take over to automatically do more of it.

The key to success is to focus first on forming the habit, as opposed to focusing on the results.  Also, think of your action and mini-action as the upper and lower boundaries of a range.  You can do any amount within the range anytime, but the key is to always at least do your mini-action.


Example #1:
Area to Improve   Fitness
Action        Exercise 30 minutes 3 x week
Mini-Action     Do 2 x pushups every day

Example #2:
Area to Improve   Learning
Action        Read 1 book every month
Mini-Action     Read 1 paragraph every day

Example #3:
Area to Improve   Finances
Action        Save $500 every month
Mini-Action     Save $5 every week

Example #4:
Area to Improve   Diet/Nutrition
Action        Eat a salad 5 x week
Mini-Action     Eat 1 vegetable every day

Example #5:
Area to Improve   Sociability
Action        Become more social; make new friends
Mini-Action     Say "hi" to people you see

Example #6:
Area to Improve   Productivity
Action        Complete my to-do list.  (Stop procrastinating)
Mini-Action     Do just 2 minutes of a task

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Last Updated: October 30th, 2022