Privacy Statement

Effective Date: December 1st, 2019

What information we collect:

We only collect the information you provide to us, and only require the bare minimum fields of personal information that is necessary for usage of this application; those fields such as name, email, and password. You can choose to provide us with the other optional information, such as age and gender.

We may collect technical information commonly collected by other websites such as the devices you use to access our services, browser information, and IP Address. We may collect this information upon visitation of the site, and whether you have an account or not.

We collect and validate some personal information (name and email), from those 3rd parties that you may choose to use, when logging in with your authentication credentials such as Facebook or Google.

How we use the information we collect:

We use the information we collect to improve the functionality of this application. For example, if you provide age or gender, we will aggregate your data with other's data to analyze app usage by a certain age group or gender.

How we share information:

We don't share your specific information with anyone or anything. We may on occassion share your information within a summarized format. An example of this might be "X percent of our users do this."

Public sharing of information:

Any public facing pages are optional. You can choose whether or not to share your information. The only requirement we have is that if you choose to post in forums or groups, you must provide your first and last name. We believe anonymity lends itself to people acting out of character and typing bad, bad things they normally wouldn't type if others knew who they were.

Deletion of Collected Data

Upon account deletion, we delete all of the personal data that we have collected for you. The app provides for account deletion, but you can also email us at to have your account and data deleted.